CHROs Reveal Serious Gap In HR Talent

A Korn Ferry study finds that more than half of CHROs say a tolerance for working with uncertainty and change is the most important competency for their role. We explore what skills are most lacking when searching for HR talent. This is a great article. While it relates specifically to the HR profession and skills needed for […]


The Biggest Mistakes New Executives Make

Avoiding some common pitfalls at the beginning of an employment relationship can make the difference between success and failure. This is a great article if your a hiring executive or family business owner on-boarding a new executive. Of course this is a must read if your starting a new executive role.  How you approach your […]


Women’s Resource Center 28th Annual Pillar Award Winners

We had the privilege of attending the Women’s Resource Center 28th Annual Pillar Awards earlier this month, where they honored local organizations who empower women in the workplace. The 2017 award winners were GE Aviation, Mercantile Bank of Michigan, and Mercy Health, who were all praised for being innovative in their efforts to improve workplace opportunities for women. Each organization […]


Q&A with Ellie Frey, Executive Director of the Family Business Alliance

We recently spoke with Ellie Frey, Executive Director of the Family Business Alliance, on the topic of where talent acquisition and retention fits in the realm of family owned business. 1. What do you see as a few of the top issues or concerns that keep family business owners awake these days? Succession (family issue)  When […]


Are You Looking In The Right Place For Your Employees?

Are you struggling to find people? Maybe you’re looking in the wrong place. Or at a minimum perhaps you can expand your hiring pool. I’ll give you a great example of innovative thinking. I have a client that is a leading library. They stopped looking for librarians and started looking at people coming out of […]


Hiring Entrepreneurial Leaders

Great article from Harvard Business Review on hiring leaders with truly entrepreneurial qualities. This article clarifies some common assumptions and allows you the information necessary to structure interview questions to get at this important quality. Entrepreneurial tendencies is becoming increasingly important for leaders to navigate growth for your organization.


“Requirements” Time to Shift Thinking

How do you determine what is required for a job? Many employers still cling to a rigid set of guidelines often driven by the job description including a specific minimum number of years in a comparable role or function, specific industry or software experience and education requirements. If this describes you then I’d like to […]


5 Common Behavioral Interview Mistakes.

Gone are the days where you can schmooze your way through interviews. If you have not interviewed (on either side of the desk) in the last 5 years, then you may not be familiar with what has become the standard interview process for most companies. Good candidates often perform poorly when navigating this process which […]


Giving Back

West Michigan is rich with opportunities to give back to the community. Where do you begin? Literally hundreds of organizations need your help. You could pack lunches at Kids Food Basket or serve those in need at Catholic Charities God’s Kitchen or be part of Urban Roots where you can learn gardening while helping a […]


The Counteroffer vs Retention – If the counteroffer is your primary tool for retaining your people, you need to rethink your strategy.

We are officially in a “sellers’ market” where employees with good performance and skills can find opportunities and command offers because the labor market is tight. In many industries and segments there are not enough people with the right skills and training to fill the available positions. When a good employee resigns to accept another […]